Accommodation for Seniors

Accommodation for Seniors

Surrounded by greenery, with the utmost tranquility and services of various kinds

The proximity to the sea and the green heart of the pine forest of Castel Fusano makes I Triangoli an ideal residence for the elderly.

The Italian population is increasingly composed of elderly people. The over-65s represent an increasingly wide category, composed of subjects who, by will or by necessity, turn to private structures to escape from a state of absolute solitude and receive adequate assistance.

Apartments and villas of I Triangoli are equipped with all the necessary services to guarantee an excellent stay for the elderly. The proximity to the sea and to the green space of the pine forest make them a privileged accommodation to promote regenerative activities in the open air.

Our accommodations are equipped with all the necessary comforts and allow the over 65s to live a serene and carefree life, feeling at home but without the worries of having bills to pay or disservices to manage.

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