Business Accomodation

Long term rentals for those coming to work in Rome

The Triangles are a perfect choice for all companies that need to find temporary, but not brief, accommodation for their off-site employees.
Located in the South-West quadrant of the Capital, the apartments and residences are located along one of the main city arterial roads.

Business Accommodation already perfectly structured, the Triangles represent a “turnkey” solution for companies.

They offer different alternatives for single or shared accommodations: ranging from the studio apartment, perfect for a single, where in 35 square meters you have all the amenities available, up to the three-room apartment with double bedroom and two bathrooms, for a shared living room.
Also available are the Villas, Young, Junior and Senior, furnished with taste, simplicity and elegance. They are equipped with air conditioning, fully equipped kitchen, Wi-Fi available on request and satellite TV.

The Triangles guarantee companies immediate accommodations in comfortable apartments for managers, employees and collaborators during the travel periods.

With us you will have the accommodation you are looking for in 24 hours; we offer you flexibility for short or long periods and we assure you comfortable accommodation with everything you need.

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