Where we are and How to reach us

Where we are and How to reach us

Where we are and How to reach us

We are located in the residential area of Infernetto – Casal Palocco, not far from the New Fair of Rome , from Fiumicino Airport “Leonardo Da Vinci” and from the districts of Eur, Parco dei Medici and Torrino. In addition, the residence is close to GRA (exit 27), for quick access to major motorways and trunk roads.

The travel time to reach the center of Rome by car in about 25-30 minutes, through the Via Cristoforo Colombo. The area is well served by public transport and, in addition, by car or by bus in a few minutes you can reach the train station of Acilia (Rome – Ostia line) and metro station “Eur Fermi” (metro B).

The surrounding area of the Residence is full of shops, restaurants, fitness centers and shopping malls.

The proximity to the pinewood of Castel Fusano, the flat conformation of the land and clean air due to the reduced presence of smog and traffic, make it the ideal setting for walking, jogging, bicycling and in general to play outdoors.

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